The Biobased Circular Economy and How we Fit

The linear economic model needs to become a thing of the past. We no longer have the capability to pull raw materials from the earth, manufacture single use or short-lived products, and proceed to throw them in the landfills when we’re finished with them.


There is another model that aims to solve one of our biggest problems: the piles and piles of waste we’ve created. The idea of a circular economy is simple; design into each product the ability to be recycled, reused, and/or reprocessed.


This allows all companies using this model to realize more value in each input that goes into their products. In this way, once a product is at its end-of-life, it can be taken for its comprising parts and upgraded into a better version of itself or into something new entirely.


Along with the reduction of waste, the circular economy aims to minimize both damage to the environment and to humankind. This means reducing the amount of harmful chemicals used in products, and monitoring the use of precious resources.


So how does Zen Earth fit into this model? Well, firstly we source our feedstocks exclusively from the EPA Cleangredients Database. This is a definitive database of market-ready chemistry that meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Standard; a standard designed to safeguard both human and environmental health.


Throughout our whole production and distribution process we utilize a green supply chain. A key component of this supply chain is shipping our products in their super concentrate form to our customers. In this way we do not ship unnecessary amounts of water over great distances, and our customers can customize our products in ways that best suit their needs. We also encourage local production and use of our products whenever possible. This, again, minimizes on emissions caused by transportation, and maximizes benefits to the local economy.


In addition, since our products are biobased and non-toxic, they do not harm either the environment or the people who are handling them. Minimal protective gear needs to be worn and an accidental spill won’t cause any ecological damage.  Our products also have a very natural end-of-life. All Zen Earth and BioBlend branded products safely biodegrade within approximately 28 days and the biobased by-products are composted.


Zen Earth also hopes to improve our fit within the biobased circular economy in the future. We are looking into the additions of recycling pallets and totes and discovering a way to recycle or reprocess our biobased oils and hydraulic fluids. Finally, we wish to expand even more on the circular economic model by using our biobased products and cleaners within the manufacturing process and using biobased packaging.

Circular Economy Graphic

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