Dr. ZE – the New Biobased Treatment to Your Toughest Symptoms

There is something not quite right, and you need answers. Folks told you it is just part of the way we
do business, that this is what has always been done and it works fine that way. You know that’s not what you want to hear.

We at Zen Earth say, “you’re right!” Just because a well isn’t producing what it did only a few years ago, doesn’t mean you have to live with the reduced production. Just like with our own health, today well-aging can be addressed to give them a longer, healthier production life. There is a treatment and Dr. ZE has a solution for you!

The symptoms? Has your production been trending down, has paraffin built up, produced water is increasing, and maybe corrosion is causing mechanical problems? We understand these. You’re not crazy. Your income may be down but doesn’t have to stay that way!

The prescription? Zen Earth Well Optimizer is a very effective, very affordable, responsible way to treat the causes of those symptoms and restore your well’s performance. It has been proven in several formations to increase individual well production. See our Well Optimization Project White Paper.

At Zen Earth, we know you aren’t crazy. Your well should be performing better. We know you have a problem, it is real, and Dr. ZE wants to treat it so you can bring your production income back to health. Contact us for some diagnostic discussion!

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