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OUCH! Mosquitoes are not just mild, itchy annoyances. The World Health Organization considers them one of the deadliest animals in the world! Mosquitoes spread diseases like West Nile virus, yellow fever, zika, and malaria, killing approximately 725,000 people per year.

Dangerous aerosols, irritating repellents, noxious foggers, and generally hazardous pesticides have been used to manage this pest. When reading the labels on most products, you can see all of them have health warnings associated with use around humans and domestic animals as well as being hazardous to the environment. Even worse, insects can build up a resistance to these old chemicals, rendering the chemicals ineffective against the pests, while still being hazardous to you.

The good news is Zen Earth now offers an effective, affordable, safe mosquito control product that mosquitoes cannot build a resistance against. Zen Earth Pest Control is a safe, non-toxic, plant-based, product that kills mosquitoes on contact while leaving behind a residual effect to help keep mosquitoes away.

Zen Earth products use only combinations of various readily biodegradable plants and naturally occurring minerals. We are committed to your health and safety. Our proprietary, renewable chemical process has created a truly unique product that is as effective as those old dangerous, noxious chemicals, and safe for the environment as well.

Zen Earth Pest Control is available as a Ready-to-Use spray or in a concentrated form that can be deployed in irrigation or in your facility’s ultra-low volume fogging system, or even from aircraft spray systems.

End the OUCH! Stop the mosquitoes that are spreading disease. Contact Zen Earth for help with your insect problem today.


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