Clean Your Storage Containers with Biobased Chemicals

Are you an Operator who’s responsible for the safe maintenance or inspection of storage tanks? Then you’re familiar with the challenge of ensuring the accumulation of hydrocarbons, asphaltenes, and waxes are effectively removed before maintenance or inspections can occur. And while completing this essential service, additional challenges include the recovery of valuable hydrocarbons and the reduction of downtime to reduce revenue loss.

While old methodologies may have worked in the past, they do not stand up to today’s requirements for competitive pricing, adherence to safe work procedures, or environmental safety standards. That’s why you need a product and a revolutionary process that not only cleans the storage tank but saves time and money while remaining safe for the workers and the environment.

white tank carsThe active ingredients behind all Zen Earth products are combinations of various readily biodegradable plants and naturally occurring minerals. Zen Earth’s renewable chemical and mechanical process creates a truly unique product that is safe for human use and for the environment. There are no requirements for personal protective equipment when handling this product, and it’s considered safe to wash into wastewater systems.

Zen Earth Storage Tank Cleaner cleans the storage tank faster and safer, without using steam or chemical additives, while eliminating the need for workers to enter a confined space. It is also compatible with automated tank cleaning equipment. These differences make Zen Earth Storage Tank Cleaner and our semi-automated cleaning process the better solution for your business, the environment, and your employees.

In addition to all of this, now until March 31, 2018, we are offering Zen Earth Storage Tank Cleaner for 30% off! Contact us for more information or to request a quote!

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