Safe Pesticide for Houston Mosquitos


Houston is recovering well from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. However, now the long-term effects will begin to take effect. Common pests, such as mosquitoes, are not just annoying, they can also be dangerous, as they are known to spread a number of killer diseases. With the repeated use of common pesticides, these chemicals can lose their effectiveness, as insects and their offspring build up a resistance. The well-established resistance of insects to these pesticides has created an industry need for newer and safer chemical approaches to their extermination.

We have developed a proprietary green chemistry which delivers a safe and effective result against mosquito and other insects.  Zen Earth Pest Control offers an effective, potent control against mites, white and black flies, mosquitoes, aphids, termites, fire ants and a variety of other common house and garden type pests, and is environmentally safe

What is Zen Earth Pest Control?

Zen Earth Pest Control is a FIFRA 25b compliant, ready to use product, made with domestically sourced and renewable plant based materials, as well as a variety of other naturally occurring ingredients.

Zen Earth Pest Control is safe to use around children and pets, and it’s biodegradable ingredients make it safe for the environment as well. It has a light, pleasant aroma to ensure comfortable habitable space and, when used daily, will keep your premises infestation free.

Recently, we’ve received USDA BioPreferred® certification for this product.

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How Does Zen Earth Pest Control Work?

Traditional products used for pest control target the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function and reproduction, among other things. These same characteristics make these products a danger to the user and to the environment. Furthermore, with repeated use, the chemicals lose their effectiveness, as pests build up a resistance, which is then passed on to its offspring.

Zen Earth Pest Control is a unique bio-based, active formula which works by destroying the pest’s tracheal system, which in turn suffocates the pest. The combined active ingredients and specially formulated surfactant soap enables the pests to be immobilized and killed quickly. This unique method relieves concerns of insects building up a resistance and provides ongoing and long lasting effectiveness.

The active ingredients behind all Zen Earth products are combinations of various readily biodegradable plants and naturally occurring minerals. Zen Earth’s proprietary renewable chemical/mechanical process creates a truly unique product that is safe for human use and for the environment. There are no requirements for personal protective equipment when handling this product, and it’s considered safe to wash into wastewater systems.

All Zen Earth active ingredient formulas are effective because of the creation of electrically charged particles known as micelle. When activated in water, micelles repel each other in a continuous random movement. Measuring only 2–4 nanometers in size, their extreme surface-area-to-volume ratio enables far greater effectiveness than conventional technologies or formulas. When introduced into another material or the environment, micelle do not produce a chemical reaction that generates new compounds. Instead, they break down carbon based molecules into smaller particles that are easily absorbed by normal soil or water microorganisms.

Case Study In November 2016, a study was conducted in Georgia, USA, to evaluate the effectiveness of the Zen Earth Pest Control (concentrate, not RTU or super concentrate) against three mosquito types; yellow fever mosquitoes, southern house mosquitoes and common malaria mosquitoes. It was diluted with water (1:64) and was applied using a direct spray application.

The study concluded that overall, Zen Earth Pest Control provided moderate-high mortality against the mosquitoes tested, ranging from 47-75% mortality rate within 24 hours. It provided evidence that Zen Earth Pest Control could kill a significant number of mosquitoes when applied as a direct application. It further suggested that a higher application rate (> 1:64) may be required to achieve complete (100%) mortality.

Competitor processes:

Traditional Treatments for pest control include the use of aerosols, pyrethrins, mosquito repellents, foggers and insecticides, each of which has associated risks to people and the environment. These treatments are often toxic and expensive.

What makes our product uniquely effective is that we use natural ingredients and our specially formulated surfactant, that enables the product to “hold” the mosquito and break it down, thereby, making the combined ingredients more effective than using them individually. Zen Earth Pest Control is a direct contact kill, with a residual repellent effect to help keep the area mosquito free.

Following are the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) 25b compliant ingredients contained in Zen Earth Pest Control:

Corn Oil – acts as a suffocant

Geraniol – acts as a repellent / chitin solvent

Citric Acid – acts as a calcium sequestrant

Thyme Oil – acts as an anti–parasitic

Clove Oil – acts as a paralysing agent

Peppermint Oil – acts as a reproduction inhibitor

Rosemary Oil – acts as a repellent / miticide

Sodium Chloride – acts as a desiccant

Garlic Oil – acts as a repellent

Specially Formulated Surfactant/Soap – acts as an emulsifier

For information on the minimum risk pesticides exempted from FIFRA registration, go to

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The preferred solution for eradicating mosquitoes is clear. By using Zen Earth Pest Control, mosquitoes are eliminated, and there is no risk to people or the environment. It is the least expensive option, and the product is easy to use and biodegradable. When used daily as a maintenance, Zen Earth Pest Control will keep your areas mosquito free.

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