Clean Your Tank the Environmentally Conscious Way- With Zen Earth’s Storage Tank Cleaner

If you’re an Operator who’s responsible for the maintenance or inspection of storage tanks, you are well aware that storage tanks used to store crudes or distillates are in constant need of cleaning. The accumulation of hydrocarbons, asphaltenes, toxic gases, and waxes all need to be removed before maintenance or inspections can occur.

Zen Earth Storage Tank Cleaner is a unique, bio-based renewable concentrated product, designed to break down and remove all hydrocarbons, asphaltenes and waxes. It’s bio-based chemical and semi-automated mechanical application process allows hydrocarbons to be easily separated and recycled. It is designed to make the difficult work of cleaning storage tanks easier and faster, while also increasing worker safety.

Zen Earth Storage Tank Cleaner is a uniquely effective tank cleaner, made with domestically sourced plant based materials. This cleaner is produced and manufactured through a proprietary process, where nano-sized cleaning particles called micelles are formed. When activated in water, these micelles repel each other continually. Combined with their extreme surface-area-to-volume ratio, the micelles are able to clean more effectively than conventional chemicals. These micelles are not chemically reactive; instead, they break down carbon based molecules into smaller particles to be easily absorbed by soil or water microorganisms. The high ratio of micelles in the solution enables the penetration and dissolving of a higher ratio of hydrocarbons, asphaltenes and wax particles found in storage tanks of all industries. After using our Storage Tank Cleaner, the tank is left smelling fresh with a near invisible polymer residue that aids in preventing re-adherence of contaminants to the tank. Because of this, cleaning with our product becomes easier with each use.

Our mission at Zen Earth is to provide consumers with effective, environmentally conscious products made from readily biodegradable plants and minerals, without sacrificing cost or quality. Independent tests have shown cleaning tanks with our Storage Tank Cleaner (as opposed to alternatives) reduces the required amount of solution by 66%, reduces the time required to clean by up to 75%, and reduces estimated costs by up to 54%. This renewable chemical solution is a truly unique product that is safe for human use and for the environment, while effectively reducing consumer costs.

To find out more about our safe and effective storage tank cleaning product, read the Whitepaper on our Zen Earth Storage Tank Cleaner and the Zen Earth Storage Tank Cleaner product brochure.

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